Personalize your site by targeting content specific to site visitors.

Use personalization rules to split your site visitors into different segments. Use the in-line Content Targeting Editor to target content to those segments.

First Steps

Create custom experiences for your site visitors.


Select the areas of your site that you wish to personalize.

Pages usually include both static and personalized content. Learn More about personalizing site areas


Split your site visitors into segments using profile rules.

Profile rules group users with similar characteristics or behaviors. Learn More about creating business rules


Target Content at different segments while editing a page.

The in-line Content Targeting Editor allows you to place the right content for each segment. Learn More about linking rules to spots


Publish your Site to production.

Publish your personalization rules using the personalization publication interface. Learn More about publishing your site

Do you need help?

If you need more information, start with the product documentation. Then, check community articles in the wiki and articles on developerWorks.