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Manage content the way that you want to.

Deliver engaging and targeted multi-channel experiences with IBM Web Content Manager. Marketers can keep their content fresh, relevant, and consistent, to help drive higher conversion rates and improve customer loyalty.

First Steps

Start here to set up your content management system.


Create a content library.

Content libraries store your site components. Learn More about content libraries


Set up access to the library.

The access level defines what an author can edit. Learn More about access levels


Set up the author's user experience.

Tailor the authoring environment to suit your content creators. Learn More about the authoring environment

The Content Template Catalog can help you easily build websites from a suite of fully functional templates and assets.Learn More about the content template catalog

Are you new to IBM Web Content Manager?

If you need help getting familiar with IBM Web Content Manager, see the Getting Started site. Learn basic concepts and how to complete essential tasks so that you gain success faster.